What Is Free-Range Parenting and Is It Right For You?

What Is Free-Range Parenting?
Free-range parenting is the art of parents allowing their children to have freedom at a young age. Many parents in today’s generation have grown up in the 70’s and the 80’s. In this time period, children were able to travel on their own, walk to school on their own, and stay out late, too. Free-range parenting means parents would let their children experience this same lifestyle. Parents that agree to try this would let their children travel on their own on buses and the like.

The best thing is that in today’s time all young people have technology on them. This might be a tablet, phone, or laptop. If a child is in trouble, he/she can contact a parent or guardian using technology. This is something that was not available years ago. This will make parents worry a little less.

Is This For You?
There are a few different ways to check if this is truly for you. The first thing would be to talk with neighbors. Find out if other parents aloud this lifestyle to their children. It would also be wise to check into the city. This would be to study the crime rate and the day-to-day activities. This will give you the knowledge regarding the right decision to make when it comes to allowing your children to go upon this route.
The next thing to do would be to have a home meeting. The guardians and the children of the home should meet and talk about this situation. Even though the children will be able to have freedom, there should still be somewhat of a rule system for the children to follow. Maybe they will have to check in every half hour or so.

Find Guardian Buddies
You can also find guardian buddies. These are parents that are trying this same thing with their children. So, they allow their children to go together every day for this experience. This makes parents feel safe because their children will not be alone at all. Even better, if one parent isn’t home, the children have another parent they can call if trouble arises.

This is the new approach that is going on now, and it is definitely working. Children are enjoying their experience, they are safe, and parents are happy. This is also bringing the community together, too. It’s amazing how silly things like this bring a community together.
This is also helping parents trust their children more and more. This trust will carry out to the teenage years of the child and beyond. It has been proven that parent-child relationships that include trust are ten times more successful and these relationships with no trust. This is why more parents should consider allowing their children to engage in this experience. As long as the children are not completely alone, they will be okay. This is what parenting and discipline come down to, and a child’s behavior and attitude can be created off something like this.

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